The ULBC One Day Counselor

One of our older boys by the name of Tim was given a high honor by being selected as a counselor in training at the Union League Camp in Salem, Wisconsin, and he was to join seven of our other club members that summer. The other members were there as campers for a one month session.

In the late afternoon ofthe first day Tim was there his mother called me at the Hoffman Estates Boys Club where I served as the Executive Director and told me that Tim wanted to come home already. Tim had taken it upon himself to boast to all the club members prior to going to camp about his counselor assignment. So after my club closed that day, I drove up to the camp which was about seventy miles away in southern Wisconsin.

As soon as I got there Tim demanded that we leave immediately. After a full days work and the drive I was quite tired and the camp director, Al Mackin, offered me a place to sleep that night. Well, Tim would have none of that so he began walking down the camp road heading for home to which Al picked him up and directed him back to the main lodge at the camp and gave him a good talking to. I informed Tim that we would leave camp about noon the next day.

Tim had trouble relating to the largely Hispanic kids at the camp, Our club was largely middle class white kids but we had an excellent relationship with the Union League Boys Club organization. In the morning I quizzed the other seven members that were there as campers asking if they also wanted to leave but they all said they were having a great time.

After a great breakfast, I took a quick row on League Lake before picking up Tim to take back to Hoffman Etates reminding him that he would be in for a rough time about all his bragging about being a counselor at camp to our other members since he only endured one day at camp. He still chose to leave so after bidding Al a fond farewell we headed back to Hoffman Estates.

Tim had been selected as a counselor during one of our many off season trips to the camp. He and Al had hit it off during those trips and Tim was ever so excited to be a counselor there but he found the work not to his liking. Al told me that was somewhat of a record as he had never before recalled a one day counselor.

That summer, Tim endured the ribbing by the other older members about his one day experience but it was all soon forgotten and things returned to normal.

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