The ULBC 7- Course Meal

On an early winter trip to the Union League Boys Club Camp in Salem, Wisconsin, our Hoffman Estates Boys Club kids were treated to special fare prepared by Al Mackin and Danny Heisen. The rest of us largely spent the day outdoors to let Al and one of our own, Danny, prepare the special meal.

We hiked around the lake, played hound and the hare, and also did a scavenger hunt before returning to the main lodge for supper that evening. To our surprise a seven course meal awaited us. Most of our kids had never had such an eating experience but it began with an appetizer and moved into several more courses including dessert.

Danny later told me that it was an exciting experience for him as Al had asked for one volunteer to assist him that day. Our boys went to bed that evening with very full stomachs and an experience I’m sure they have never forgotten.

That weekend we had hoped for some snow to do some sledding on the ULBC hills but that never happened as there was only a dusting on the ground. However, the day we left, Sunday, by the time we got back to Hoffman Estates the television news recorded a two to three inch snowfall in Wisconsin.

They may not have got to go sledding but they did feast on that seven course meal with hearty appetites.

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