Ode to Camp Martin Johnson


Camp Martin Johnson, at present, lies in the hearts of its former campers because the camp itself is no more. I can relate to that as our property on the southwest portion of Big Bass Lake has also been sold and only the memories remain. One of my favorite movies was John Wayne’s the “Alamo” and some words from the song, “The 13 Days of Glory” are to be found next but with a CMJ flavor.

“In the Northern part of Michigan, on the shores of Big Bass Lake, There’s a camp all in ruin that the weeds have overgrown. You may look in vain for campers and you’ll never see a one, But sometime between the setting and the rising of the sun you can hear a ghostly bugle as the campers go marching by and recap all your memories as you glance into the sky. For those many collective of campers are no more on those shores of Big Bass Lake, taken over by modern cottages, Still those memories I’ll not forsake!”

I can imagine former CMJ campers going through Heritage Bay Development which was once their beloved camp and seeing ghostly images of those yesteryear days of glory with a tear in their eyes. For that is how I would remember our former property if I were ever to return there. Oh how those memories would flow on our shores and woods of our former property on Big Bass Lake and the countless numbers of camping trips taken there.

Both our property and Camp Martin Johnson yielded their way to supposed progress. Yet the memories and pictures live on at both. And they always will!

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