Day of the Storm

About a quarter mile behind the dining hall was the tent area of the Union League Boys Club Camp in Salem, Wisconsin where I served as a tent counselor along with Gordie Payne and Bob Reiser.

I was coming up from the main camp on my way back to the tent area when the director of the camp shouted, “There’s a storm brewing, Dave, better get the kids back into the main camp area”. I ran out to the tent area and just as I announced what the kids were to do the winds and storm hit and hit hard. Gordie, Bob, and I put all the kids in the center of the tents with mattresses and blankets covering them just in case the worst happened. The three of us were holding onto the tent poles as if they were a vibrator in the winds.

Within minutes the storm subsided but the skies were still dark. A decision was made to get into camp as soon as possible and all we encountered at that time was light rain. As the kids made it into the cabins the storm broke and the sky began to clear. I was the only one of the three counselors that picked up strep throat after all that. Had to endure two straight nights in the camp infirmiry.

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