The Snapping Turtle at ULBC Camp

A counselor friend was walking near the lagoon when a snapping turtle surprised him and he threw his towel up into the air and that turtle actually snapped that towel in half. Later that day several counselors hunted that turtle down and killed it. They took it into the nature cottage and separated the shell from the meat as they planned at first to eat their prize catch.

However as the afternoon progressed, and the flies descended on their catch, they chaged their mind about dining on their catch. Instead they took pride in displaying the shell of tha turtle for all to see, The only one who didn’t ever want to see any part of that turtle again was the counselor whose towel was snapped into by the monster. He had seen all of that turtle he desired to see already.

I only saw the shell of that turtle but it was rather amazing to say the least as it was quite large.

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