Being a tent counselor, we never had our own batch of boys like the other counselors had since we had their cabins on their days off.  However, I used to enjoy watching the boat races between various cabins following the shoreline of League Lake as it was called in the 1960’s.  Skillful rowers always kept on course but those that chose to over row their boats either headed into the middle of the lake or toward shore.  The latter was the worse of the two especially so if they touched land for they would then have to push off and head back toward the course again.

I supervised one race aboard a dingy which was my boat of choice as it could be moved about quite easily.  I wonder if those types of boats are still available at camp today? 

The boys seemed to enjoy the races if not moreso for the fun they had splashing each other along the route.  Does the camp still have boat races today?  Let us know by way of a comment.