Keeping ULBC Camp Fresh

When I was a counselor at ULBC Camp in 1969 I don’t remember a playground area like the one above for the boys.  Now the GG Cottage might well have had one for their boys but I can’t say for sure and nothing as elaborate as the one you see here.  The major new attraction has to be the tennis and basketball area.  I would think tennis to be less a draw than basketball but perhaps tennis also does well at camp.

Basketball would have been nice to have in 1969 at camp.  I’m no sue if basketball was planned as being part of that tennis complex originally or if it was just later added??  Might someone know when this area was added to camp?  And are there other new areas about camp?  Let us know by way of a comment.  I have also heard that the waterfront might be expecting some changes for the start of the 2011 summer season.  Keep you eyes here for any more news on that.

And which is really more popular at camp today between tennis and basketball?

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