Sometimes, despite repeated warnings about dangerous animals, some kids just never learn. On a warm summer day at ULBC Camp our kids were doing a scavenger hunt at tent city and one of the boys got too close to a raccoon. The critter snapped at him and bit him on the hand. He immediately began crying and Bob Reiser, one of the tent counselors was at his side applying first aid and sending a Counselor in Training with the younster to the camp infirmiry.

Meanwhile, myself, Gordie, and Bob, along with another CIT began searching for that raccoon as it had to be known whether or not it carried raibi’s. Bob located it and beaned it with a rock knocking it senseless. We bagged it and took it to the camp director.

Tests on the animal proved negative for the raibi virus which was fortunate for the younster for if the animal had the virus, the boy would have had to endure two shots a day for seven days in the stomach. That would have been worse and more frightening than the bite itself.

It was a lesson learned that day not to mess with wild animals but one learned the hard way for that one youngster. I think Bob would have earned a coonskin hat for his trouble but when the discovery was made that the animal did not have raibi’s, it was let go in the wilds. And Bob Boone sure sounds a whole lot better than Bab Boone!