This is a relatively new area at ULBC Camp as it was not there when I was a counselor in 1969 nor was it there when I used the camp as part of our Hoffman Estates Boys Club schedule.  That was back in 1978-80.  Does anyone know when this new pier went into the camp?  It obviously is home to canoes and paddleboats and perhaps a kayak or two?  It is located on the side of the lake just down the road from the dining hall.

I like the concept of  a second pier as it holds additional boats over that of the rowboats and motor boat.  If you look closely you can observe the algae mess creeping up on even this location just off the pier.  Paddleboats are a nice addition to the ULBC fleet.   Are sailboats also an option at camp now?

Does the camp still have the dingy type of rowboats there?  I always liked those boats as they could really move!