Sunday Morning at ULBC Camp

After being awakend every morning by patriotic music from the camp louspeaker, I recall Sunday mornings being smewhat different. After breakfast at the dining hall meant a break in the activities with moning chapel services. The facility was located in the valley near th nature center Most evenings it was in use during the regular week for either puppet or magic shows along with the occasional sing-a-longs, but Sunday was different.

Campers and staff could look forward to a light Christian message with plenty o camp music eitther sung or played. I don’t remeber which counselor it was, but some played the guitar with the singing. Other counselors, given more to having a good voice, led the worship singers and the boys were never shy to use their voices to sing out.

After the service was completed, it gave a luster to the rest of that day. That is why Sunday was also special to me at ULBC and why the chapel was a special place to be. Any other thoughts about chapel?

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