Tent City Activities at ULBC Camp

My fellow tent counselor, Gordie Payne, used to teach fire building at ULBC Camp out at Tent City. He spent long and grueling hours perfecting his craft prior to coming to camp and he once told me that the best two stciks to rub together to get the perfect fire were two matches. He was highly skilled at this art.

I, on the other hand, taught the hatchet and how the boys should utilize this tool to get wood for Gordie’s firebuilding class. Bob Reiser’s area of expertise was compass reading. Once we had a counselors kids at Tent City we had two days with them while their counselor was off duty and we spent the majority of the time with them on hikes around League Lake or at Bong Air Force Base (then closed). Scavenger Hunts were also popular with the boys.

But the activity the boys enjoyed most was eating the results of their cooking when we cooked out at the firepit. After Goride labored long and hard with his “two sticks” and had a good fire, hamburgers and potaoes were placed in foil and inserted into the fire. Somehow food always tastes best when you cook it yourself. And, Tent City was a labor of love that summer for Gordie, Bob, and myself.

2 thoughts on “Tent City Activities at ULBC Camp

  1. Your picture is a little old. Tent City has been given new life as the Outdoor Living Skills area and is now home to Outdoor Cooking, Plant Identification, and all sorts of other camping and Nature programs.


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