The CMJ Dining Hall

I found it interesting to learn that the Camp Martin Johnson Dining Hall rarely served fish as an entree. When you consider that the camp rests on the shores of Big Bass Lake which is noted for its bass and perch fishing, I wonder what the campers did with the fish they caught?

One counselor told me that at times they had fish sticks for meals but one would think that fish would have been a staple at that camp. At any rate, I heard the food at the camp was exceptional especially the breakfasts. That seems to be the meal of choice for most resident camps.

I would be interested to learn from the CMJ campers and staff what their favorite meals were at the dining hall? And did any other activities take place within that building during the day? Also what kinds of desserts did they serve?

2 thoughts on “The CMJ Dining Hall

  1. Meals at the dining hall, here’s a favorite, “bug juice” Green too. I was ready to go home until I found out it was only green kool-aid. Backwards day was always a big hit with hamburgers for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.

    Best dessert, homemade ice cream made right on the Parade Grounds, with us campers taking turns throwing in ingredients and turning the crank on the old fashioned churn. And let’s not forget the cherry pie for the winners of cabin clean-up!

    And you’re right about the fish, probably because it didn’t go over well w/ kids. We did have venison once (hit a deer on a night trek between Ward Hills and CMJ, threw him on top of the van, brought him back to camp. Of course we thought they (counselors) would either nurse him back to health or bury him. Nope! He was dinner the following night. We found out after the fact. Uuuggh!)

    I can remember only 2 other big activities in the dining hall, socials (dances) and the start of the Olympics when we were assigned to our teams. The entire camp, kids, counselors, camp director and all, were split into 4 teams for a weeklong competition involving every sport. There was a winner at week’s end, but no one was ever a loser! What a novel and fun event!

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  2. In the middle of 5th grade my family moved to the camp property so that was during the end of 1961 or or early 1962. During the summers until 1967 I was able to stay at the camp one month during the summer because my father worked there. During the other summer months, I washed dishes for the dining guests.


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