Canoeing Big Bass Lake

I would not recommend canoeing Big Bass Lake in the summer months as the wake of speedboats would be too much for a conoe to handle. Better yet would be the wee morning hours or late evening for canoeing during the summer months. But anytime in the off season would be ideal! Former campers from Camp Martin Johnson often used canoes on the lake and had many skilled counselors to teach the kids canoeing skills.

Since canoes are quite easy to tip over one should be a pretty fair swimmer before attempting an effort in the deeper waters of Big Bass Lake. That was a must with Camp Martin Johnson. Our boys club trips once used a canoe on the lake but only close to shore. I was surprised that our kids favored rowboats over that canoe. I think the canoe was used only twice on that particular trip and so it was not brought back again.

Of late, I haven’t seen many canoes out on the lake in summer time but that could be because I might be looking for them in the heat of the day. I see them on shorelines all the time along with several other boats at various cottages. Any canoeists out there that are using Big Bass Lake? Leave us a comment.

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