Between the Islands

This is the “gap” between the Haunted Island and Big Island at Big Bass Lake. The Haunted Island is to your left and in the 1970’s it was all forest except for the haunted house in the middle of that island. Big Island, on the other hand, is largely populated and has a bridge leading to it off of Big Bass Lake Road.

This “gap” was the northern route for speedboats operating around he Haunted Island. The western side of the island was the southbound route for those same boats. These two islands were located on the south side of the lake along with the unseen Grandma’s Hat which was the smallest island on the lake. It was just to the east of The Big Island.

The north side of the island had the other two islands those being Turtle Island and Four Winds Island, the latter of which was once owned by Camp Martin Johnson. Today houses are located on Four Winds, The Big Island, and Haunted Island. Turtle Island is owned by the Manistee National Forest.

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