Baby Spiders


After a night hike in our forest, the boys piled out onto Noreika Road and their flashlights began scanning the road. In the forest I only let them use their flashlights in the event of an emergency as lights tend to rob them of their night vision.

Just then a member of the Marion Boys Club caught an object in his beam. As I approached the youngster, I noticed a sense of awe and wonderment in his bulging eyes. I glanced down and saw a mother spider in full view with its babies on its back. Soon all the beams were directed at that spider and try as she might she just could not avoid the spotlight.

After a few moments the boys moved on but they were still talking about that incident all the way back to camp and even as they got ready for bed. In the morning it had passed.

But his sense of awe and wonderment will continue on in this new series that will appear every now and again this year. What will demand its attention next time?

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