Kids of Big Bass Lake- Jay and Tony

Jay and Tony were almost like natural brothers and they came to our property from the Salesian Inner City Boys Club in Columbus, Ohio.  They were inseperable and asked to be placed together on team work parties.  They worked so well with each other in almost everything.  Add to that, their two families were the best of friends.

Jay and Tony each liked to use the rowboat s often as possible.  They would each grab hold of an oar and sometimes they would be so funny to watch as Tony was stronger than Jay and often the row strokes would be so uneven they wound up going in circles.  They would also have splash wars with each other when out on the lake, but always in shallow water.

They were especially good in team oooking.  Jay was a collector of oooking spices so each meal was jazzed up somewhat to the delight of all.  I often wonder if they stayed best friends as they grew older?  They were a delight to have along on ou trip and they each cracked the other up with continual joking.  They were there own best audiences.  This pictures finds them on our old pier in a moment of sharing.

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