Welcome to Vacation Land 2013 at Big Bass Lake!

As the 2013 summer nears at Big Bass Lake I must let you know what a vacation land paradise it is! Five islands, a channel to Little Bass Lake, and a sunken island on the east central part of the lake all make for one great lake. The sunken island, for example, is a place you can swim in almost the middle of the lake where it is only three feet deep!

As for fishing, well, there are perch, bluegill, and of course bass to catch and feast upon. Plus this lake has almost every kind of boat that you can think of as for the majority of the day there are no posted speed limits.

You might want to check this lake out for yourself and there is a resort on the north side of the lake which you can access from our Blogroll called Grant’s Resort. It is opened year-round but the fun begins in the summer. And, don’t miss the boat parade and fireworks on the 4th of July either! Make your plans to get to Big Bass Lake now!

One thought on “Welcome to Vacation Land 2013 at Big Bass Lake!

  1. I just recently discovered this site. It is wonderful to read. Thank you.
    Metacognition kicks in as I read from this site. It brings back special memories connected to Big Bass Lake. My father is Tony Shakinis. He is in heaven now, but he certainly created wonderful childhood memories for me. Sometime during the winter of 1960-1961, when I was turning eleven years old, Dad and I went ice fishing on the north end of Big Bass Lake. The crappies were biting and they were so broad dad would put his bare hand in the freezing water to gingerly fold the fish so they could fit through the standard size holes created by his ice spud.
    We filled two galvanized buckets with “specs” that night and my job was to carry the overflowing buckets of fish to land. It was quite the spectacle (no pun intended) with frozen fish sliding off the top of the heaping buckets repeatedly as we hiked toward land. I was so blessed to have such a loving dad who enjoyed hanging out with his daughter.


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