For the last three days I’ve provided for you Mike O’Connor’s account of The Legend of Bloody Run that was found in the Michigan Holiday News from 1989. I would now like to make a few observations about this event.

Most people are probably unaware of the fact that in those days it was the conductor that was in charge of the train and not the engineer. However that particular conductor’s “Loco-Motive” of taking over the train and replacing the engineer was crazy. Their argument had to be overheard by the lumbermen and I wonder how they felt about the inexperienced conductor taking over for the engineer? I wonder how many of those lumbermen chose not to continue onward with that train?

Also how many of those lumbermen might have jumped the train before it ran off the track? Were there any survivors at all? One also has to wonder about the last thoughts of the conductor as he saw the train out of control? I would take it that the engineer was not around for that ride so what were his thoughts?

I found the speculation of Mr. O’Connor in regard to his after thoughts about the incident intriguing. Do local residents still hear errie sounds relating to that accident even today? Does that creek really run red on the day of that anniversary or are some locals helping that along with some cherry Kool-Aid?

Has anyone reading Big Bass Lake and Beyond been to that scene of late especially at night? I would be most interested in your observations.