NOTE: This, again, is not a picture of Bloody Run, but of a similar rail accident. And, in Part 4, Dave Noreika will be bringing you his thoughts on Bloody Run.

How is the Legend of Bloody Run taken yet today? Many of the people of this area believe the area of Bloody Run is haunted. In the blackened night the rumble of a phantom train can be heard in the distance by the sound of an errie whistle followed the crash of thunder from the gully where the accident occurred.

On stormy days the sounds of loons can be heard and they are oftentimes confused with the wails and cries of the tormented men who lost their lives in that train derailment. But whether or not you believe the legend of Bloody Run is up to you! And whether or not you believe that the ghosts of those men still roam about Bloody Run Hill is also up to you.

Can you explain why the creek runs red every year on the anniversary date of the Bloody Run tragedy? Tomorrow the conclusion to the Legend of Bloody Run.