4th Of July Special- Part Three

I don’t think these folks are going to win first prize in the parade contest. In fact, why are they in the parade at all? Yes, I know, they are residents of Big Bass Lake and they do have a few decorations set up, but not many. To make my point, some decoraters were not just horsing around-

Well, maybe SOME were horsing around so I ought to pony up to this. But does this count as a “seahorse”? How about a float that might make you hungry for some Dole pineapple?

Now that’s what I call a pineapple! It should be noted that this parade of boats used to exist as a page at Big Bass Lake and Beyond, but I thought it deserved more. In tomorrow’s post, I return to some about that yellow plane that led off our parade and even a shot of the Harper Lake boat parade.

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