4th of July Special- Part One

I’m getting an early start for the 4th of July at Big Bass Lake as for the next several days, I am going to be bringing you some of the creative floats showcased at the Parade of Boats at Big Bass Lake held each 4th of July. Here, the Yellow Plane is leading the floats onto the parade route on the lake.

I once thought this plane was a mere float and not the real thing but later learned that the plane is not only real but is housed on Big Bass Lake on the north shore.

This first part of our 4th of July series centers on this yellow plane. Does anyone know who the owner of this plane might be? Elsewhere at Big Bass Lake and Beyond we show where it is docked including a sock bag that tells the wind direction.


Beginning soon, there wlll be only two postings a day as I am running out of new material. There are about 90 new posts yet to come that will be sprinkled in with old posts.  In all there are just over 1,000 posts on this website.  As I get new material in it will be added to what we already have in addition to the 90 new posts yet to come.  Mike and Darlene Reynolds are also adding in new material as it becoms available. 

Many people are “plane crazy” about this site so all o us will continue to strive to come up with new material to go along with our classic older posts.  Stay tuned!

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