The Little Manistee River- Part Two

A good canonist or one that handles a kayak well should always be aware of the obstacles that exist just below the surface of  the water on the Little Manistee River.  Just as you see here, these two kayakers are avoiding the obstacles in the river by going around them rather than over them.  One good thing about this river is its clarity.  Unlike some murky rivers in other states the Little Manistee River is clear all the way to the bottom making obstacles easy to spot.

So enjoy your excursions on this river but always be vigil to the dangers that are found just below the surface.

This would be heaven on earth for me living so close to the Little Manistee.  Imagine!  All I’d need to do is step out my front door and walk a few feet to start fishing.  Darlene would need to set up a garden and an access road to the property would be the final touch of perfection.  Maybe some day this will become a reality.

Among the many species of fish found in the Little Manistee River, one of the more popular is te Steelhead.  It is mighty tastng eating and a challenge to snare.  What might be your favorite type of fish in this river?

I’ve always loved the coloring of this river. It appears somewhat dirty but nothing could be further from the truth. I know that in the 1970s I could just lean over my canoe and get a cool drink. Is it that clean now? I still believe it is.  If not, just fill your canteen and add a few water purification tablets and you’re good to go!

There are places like this where you can almost step over the Little Manistee River and just examine how green this area is at this time of year.  It almost looks like the Garden of Eden itself!  I’ll wager that there are a few trout in that river that would look mighty good in my fry pan tonight.

I wonder if this area of the river could take a canoe going down it or if it would soon be portage time?

I find it fascinating how the cool green colors correspond to the brownish waters of the Little Manistee. 

This photograph is a perfect example of all the twists and turns of the Little Manistee River. If you will follow each turn in this picture you will see what I mean. Yes, there are straight-aways but there are far more turns in this river than one can count. If you canoe this river, be prepared for them.

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