The Little Manistee River- Part One

For me and my wife, Darlene, I don’t think there’s any more glorious location in Michigan than the Little Manistee River. While I fish for trout, steelhead, or salmon, depending on the season, my wife photographs and sketches the area. Talk about a marriage made in heaven! At times, when the salmon is running all one needs is a stout club or fishing net as no rod ss required. Salmon run, thick as thieves, through this water and are found in such abundance already my mouth is watering for the catch of the day!

In the fall I enjoy hiking the pathways along the Little Manistee with Darlene. I even do a little hunting on the side for deer at those times. This river snakes its way through the Manistee National Forest from east to west and covers a great many counties along its way. The scenery is always topped just around the next bend from what you are now seeing.

I even enjoy camping alongside this river and some of my favorite areas are known as Beartrack and Driftwood Valley. We get in some good fishing and have a time telling yarns around the campfire at night.

Canoeing this river is my passion however I have also used a kayak on occasion. My friend Jack says he uses a rowboat but since rowers have their back to wha’s coming up, I don’t find that method of travel feasible in the least. The reason why is that the river is very swift and obstacles are upon you before you know it. Thus your vision has to be forward and not backwards.

More coming your way tomorrow!

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