Big Bass Lake Over The Years- 2010′s- 7

This will be the last in a series of posts about Big Bass Lake Over The Years that began with a 1950’s edition to the present.

The trend on Big Bass Lake now is to build literal mansions over that of cottages as was the custom in the 1950’s through the 1980’s. It seems each new endeavor desires to surpass anything else that is on the lake. However, the white house with the crow’s nest has been on the market for some time now. Property values aside, the mere cost of this mansion must be difficult for most people.

I would also think wells around the lake would be in short supply for fresh drinking water. Lake water is often used for showering but even when our family lived on our former land, it was often difficult finding a fresh water well that we could use. And, with mansions now popping up all over the lake, the water demand is even moreso than before.

I wonder how many of these homes are occupied year round for the winters are quite harsh to area homes and upkeep is a constant. I have to wonder what the next decade will bring to Big Bass Lake?

2 thoughts on “Big Bass Lake Over The Years- 2010′s- 7

  1. I hate seeing these mansions on our lake. It’s always been a ‘cottage’ lake and wish it would remain the same. These homes build big seawalls, fertilize their expansive lawns…..which go into the lake water, and remove all of the trees on their lots. I thought the idea of building a place to get away from the big city was to actually ‘get away’.


  2. I quite agree. Our former property had a beautfiful tree lined view of the lake but the new mansions put in removed all those beautiful trees so they would have a full view of the lake. It’s heartbreaking to see. Some are selling those mansions but they are so expensive no one wants them.


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