Big Bass Lake Over The Years- 2000′s- 6

The last year I was up to Big Bass Lake was 1996 to visit my Aunt Beth in Ludington. I briefly swung by Big Bass Lake to visit an old friend. After the death of my Aunt Beth and our former 256 acre family farm was sold, new houses, such as the ones you see here, began to be constructed especially along our former lakefront area. A few even popped up along Noreika Road.

Noreika Road, as it is listed in the State of Michigan, has even undergone name changes along its route which I find unfortunate as that is the last linkage to my grandparents former land.

I don’t think that I will ever return to that area as my memories of the way it once stood will forever be etched in my mind. More than any of my other family. I used our land often taking various Boys Clubs of America camping trips there and even a YMCA. I thoroughly hiked and enjoyed our total property so it would be very difficult to see all the changes that have taken place.

I can well sympathize with those of Camp Martin Johnson who also lost their beloved summer camp in 1976. Only their memories remain along with the posts that we have done about their camp here on BBL and Beyond. Even the old Big Bass Lake Store and the Loon Lake Roller Rink have seen their day come and gone.

It is now time for new people to enjoy thei experiences of this most unique lake with five islands dotting its lakefront. And enjoy it they will!

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