Big Bass Lake Over The Years- 1990′s- 5

The 1990’s saw three rather significant events take place in the Norris/Noreika family. First, in the early part of this decade my sisters, Treva and Kathy, along with myself set our parents ashes to rest (Adam and Treva) in the big swamp at the back part of the property near the phone lines. I knew that area would most likely never be develped due to the swampland and the phone lines in close proximity.

In 1992, some of the Norris family conducted a reunion bringing my two sisters and myself together, along with Aunt Beth, and my three neices, Sarah, Kristen, and Laura. We chose to quarter ourselves in Manistee at a motel and travel back and forth to the farm. We walked down to the beach and down the logging trail that led to the north side of our property. My neices also got to meet my Aunt Beth in person. Treva’s son, Bobby, also was on this reunion along with Treva and Bobby’s girl and boy friends.

The third event was the declining health of my Aunt Beth who eventually moved into Ludington and became a virtual recluse. I continued to call her weekly but her spirits declined along with her health. More on that in my next report.

Our cottage, as you see above, remains the same now except for a yellow coat of paint and massive changes in the rear with much earth moved to make way for a basement exit and several trees removed to make way for a docking area. That “new look” can be seen elsewhere at Big Bass Lake and Beyond.

2 thoughts on “Big Bass Lake Over The Years- 1990′s- 5

  1. I found some old pictures taken in the Lithuanian community of Amsterdam NY and I have a picture of a Charley Norieka taken in 1936. If you know who he is and would like this picture, let me know.


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