Big Bass Lake Over The Years- 1980’s- 4

During the 1980’s I spent a lot of time making our wooded beachfront a dazzling area by cutting down the high ferns, taking our lawnmower over the area, raking the beach, and ridding the area of dead wood. Later as I was relaxing on an inner tube on Big Bass Lake, I looked around and the bow of a pontoon boat was bearing down on me heading for our beachfront.

I yelled and the owner of that boat cut his power as he had not seen me directly in front of him. After apologizing for not being very attentive, he noted that he had planned to dock at the area thinking it to be a public beach because it looked so good. I explained to him that it was private property but as long as he was there, he and his family could enjoy it with me.

My Aunt Beth had warned me this could happen if I made the area look too good to resist. So slowly I let the grass grow back up and allowed the area to return to the rustic way it once was.

The 1980’s saw our property buidlings just getting older and less safe. The old two room cottage deck floor had begun to warp badly and was probably unsafe for human habitation. It was largely used for just storage. The old barn for a time was being used as a hanger for an ultra-lite complete with an FBI warning sign attached to the building which was probably the only imporvement made to that barn in years.

Also at this time, Jack Knysz was the owner and operator of the Big Bass Lake store.

Coming soon, the 1990’s.

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