I remember that the biggest change in the Big Bass Lake area in the 1960’s was the paving of Big Bass Lake Road. Formerly it was a dirt road. Plus, during the 1950’s Big Bass Lake Road, just before the road to the Big Island, made a turn around a quagmire swamp by way of a large C. In the 1960’s that area was cleaned up and straightened out so that the C turn was eliminated.

As I recall the Loon Lake Roller Rink was still in operation at least until the mid 1960’s but the floor had become somewhat warped. Also a public landing was put on the southwest corner of the lake where Richard Benish’s dock once stood. Apparently he had sold that portion of his land. It makes me wonder where people used to launch their boats before the landing was put in.

Any other changes that anyone can recall that occurred in the 1960’s in this area?