“Your” Memories of Big Bass Lake- Part Seven

This was our annual vacation resort for years – relatives still return each year.
My grandfather came here as a child, so did my dad, so did we.
This is some of what I remember from the last 50 years …

A quiet lake and beautiful surrounding, but sand everywhere.
Cabins before they had hot water or heat
The YMCA camp and hearing Day is Done played every night
Seeing the amazing, beautiful stars; like the milky way and southern lights while fishing at night
That Otto lived in the house next to the Realty Place, next to the store
That Dinty Moore lived in a house on the lake in the summer and drove to Florida for the winters
The Benders owned/operated the Na-Tah-KA
The roller skating rink on Loon Lake that lit up the area on Friday nights
Spiders as big as the center line in the street
The fish bait place past Otto’s (to get minnows you used for catching large pike-like my little sister caught on her bamboo pole)
Martin Cass’s cabins and the fish head tree that was next to the Bass Lake Store
Crappies were everywhere and easily caught
Leaded gas pumps on the dock at the store
It is nice to remember some things about the good old days.  Marsha

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