“Your” Memories of Big Bass Lake- Part Two

TheFourWindsIslandis currently owned by my dad’s parents and my dad’s uncle and aunt  There are 6 buildings on the island from the original YMCA camp  The Main cabin, biggest building on the Island, shower/red cabin( whole wall used to be all screens with lifting shutters. 2 small cabins one on top of a hill and the other at low spot on the island, and the bunk house. Many campers/counselors names from the late 1970’s still cover the ceilings and walls. Luke Lidgard

 I remember (years ago) my brother and I would take the rowboat from the North Shore of Bass Lakeand row to the general store. We would try to go early in the morning to get the homemade cinnamon rolls; the aroma as you entered the store would overwhelm you. In the front room (facing the lake) was a round table for the regulars to drink their coffee and talk about fishing. The old store was just a classic. Don Clodfelter

 There are about 40 cottages on Little Bass Lake. The NE portion of the lake is populated the least. Most of the west side is full of cottages. The lake is fantastic for swimming. Very clean and refreshing. I swam off my dock on Tuesday morning. Visibility for snorkel is about 15′ and the temp now is in the low 70’s. There are very few speedboats on the lake. Don

 We hit the road, all 7 of us, to vacation at Businger’s cottage on BigBassLake. We made the trip in the row boat down the channel to Little Bass Lake. We vacationed there from approximately 1953 to 1960. We swam; water skied, fished and went on local adventures near there. We went low bush blueberry picking, saw deer and went on outings to Manistee & Ludington. We had such a good time those years. My Father would always take a book to read while sitting on the screen in porch watching us swim off the dock. Helen

 Another resort by the name of Dinty Moore’s was built on the northwest shore ofBigBassLake. It is said that the Old Homestead still stands at the North end ofBigBassLake. Part of the family that owned the Dinty Moore resort constructed a store and gas station which was later sold to E H Lucas who expanded the project and Luke’s Country Store was the outcome. Later under new ownership it turned into the better known name of Luke’s Corner.

DintyMoorewas my Great Uncle by marriage to my Great Aunt Theo Moore (Wolf). They have a very rich history in this area. I will soon own the place on Big Bass where they spent their last years. Dinty passed away in the house where he loved to be. I have going toBassLakesince I was a child and remember the Camp when it was still in operation.

And yes, I remember “The Fun Spot” I had the chance to bowl there once back in the late 80s before it burned down. I can still hear the old air driven pin reseter they had. Kent

 I have many happy memories ofBigBassLakeand the store from back in the ’60s. My grandfather used to go toBigBassLaketwice a year, once in the spring with his buddies and again in late summer with the family. When I turned 10, I got to go with the men in the spring! We stayed at the rental cabins adjoining the store. I don’t remember the resort’s name or the proprieters, after all it’s been over 40 years.

My Grandpa would take me along when he’d navigate the channel to fish Little Bass Lake. It was a big adventure to me.Grampa would stand up and pole the boat through the shallow channel. Just like the “African Queen”. As I recall Little Bass Lake had a lot of turtles.

As I recall, Otto was a smiling little man with a fringe of white hair. He always wore a crisp white shirt and a bow tie. He had a daughter named Dixie. I bought a lot of comic books from Otto over the course of the years we vacationed at BigBassLake. John Akers

My parents rented a cottage across the lake from the roller rink every summer for 10 years. We would go there often. When it was time for bed, the music lulled us to sleep on hot nights. The lights would glow on the lake. For a kid, this was a magical place. I was saddened to hear that it was no longer there. It is like a part of our past has disappeared. Diane Hagen

 Does anyone remember “The Fun Spot”? It was a bowling alley on Peacock rd. I remember the alleys were a little warped, but it was a lot of fun. Becky Schulte

 I have a cottage on the SW side of Little Bass. Most of the Lakeis about 30′, however the East side is over 40 close to 50′ in one spot. There are big pike in this spring fed lake, but hard to catch. It’s a very clean and nice lake. Don

 My grandparents, Edwin Stanley and Grace Bartlett owned 350 acres in theManisteeNational Forestwith a cabin my Dad built during the Depression and an old burned cabin site. Brookwood was the name of the acreage, the entrance was through Peacock. McCarty Creek ran through our acreage.

We spent many times at Big Bass Lake Store which was owned by my (great)-Uncle Otto and also at his home which was nearby on the lake. In fact at 3 I almost drowned in that lake!

Thanks so much for the photos- of the store and the area- it brought back a rush of very happy memories!

My Dad’s Uncle and cousins built many cabins in theBigBassLakearea as well. At one time a great aunt, great great grandmother and great uncle also ran a boarding house in Peacock and they had the post office there for awhile.

Do you remember any of the other stories about the area- such as Bloody Run?

Dawn Bartlett Kroma  (You can read more of Dawn’s experiences under the category “Brookwood” on the Sidebar)

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