The Channel Back to Big Bass Lake- Part Five

Now that we’ve left Little Bass Lake, it’s back through the channel and head back toward Big Bass Lake. This is the long straight-away. Some counselors from the former Camp Martin Johnson have told me that the channel in spots in quite deep and excellent for fishing. The problem as to the latter is if another boat is trying to get through the channel while you’re fishing.

I’m glad that we aren’t fishing today because it looks like another boat is waiting for us to exit so they can enter the channel. My motor is up right now as I always choose to row through the channel between the lakes to gain all the wonderful scenery that is enroute to either lake and to take my own sweet time getting through.

I’m sure that the other boat will be patient and allow me the luxury of taking short strokes of my oars. Oh well, I’m almost out anyway.

Well, now that I’m out of the channel its time to put the motor back into the water and head on out around Four Winds and Turtle Island before making that long stretch through the narrows of Big Bass Lake south. Then I hang a right and head on the western shore of Haunted Island as our cottage is the only pier north of the Big Bass Lake Public Landing.

Hope you enjoyed our journey back and through the channel? Tomorrow, Mike Reynolds will have a post with a return to winter.

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