The Channel Approaching Little Bass Lake- Part Three

This is an interesting look at the portal into Little Bass Lake under the bridge. Here the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake has a long straight-away just prior to a turn at the bridge. I’ve often wondered how many boats a year take this voyage down this channel and if there are more seekers from Little Bass Lake over that of Big Bass Lake?

This bridge is not a roadway but moreso a pathway across the channel. To the left should about be the home of Ann Louise Chase, the author of several books about the Big Bass Lake area. As to the right, it would lead toward where Camp Martin Johnson was once located. I also wonder how safe that bridge is to walk over?

Dan Schultz, a former counselor from CMJ recently told me that the camp property on Little Bass Lake was used for campfires and or cookouts. The camp also used the channel for canoeing as their canoe docks were almost directly across the channel on the Big Bass Lake side.

Tomorrow, our journey reaches into Little Bass Lake and then back again toward Big Bass Lake. Stay with us!

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