This is a rather engaging picture of the channel opening between Big and Little Bass Lake taken from the shore of the old Camp Martin Johnson. Not many people know this but the camp had land on three lakes, those being Big and Little Bass Lake plus Bluegill Lake. This photography also allows you to observe this portion of Big Bass Lake from a western perspective.

When you take a look at the channel itself, it is kind of easy to observe that only one boat at a time could manage it as the travel lane is very narrow and full of lily pads. I wonder how far to each side is solid land? It almost gives you the impression that you are sailing through a Florida marsh.

Rounding that corner a large straight-away appears and in the distance you can barely make out the bridge over the channel just before it empties into Little Bass Lake and that is where I will pick up in Part Three. Notice how desolate this channel appears. I have made this voyage myself two times in different decades.

I’ll be back tomorrow in Part Three as the bridge over the channel will be our focus.