The Channel Between Big and Little Bass Lake- Part One

If you proceed due east past Four Winds and Turtle Islands on Big Bass Lake you will find the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake that is about a third of a mile in length. You can locate it on the aerial mark by the yellow mark. But what kind of a travel way will you find here?

Mike Elsner and I both have some interesting photographs that will be highlighted in this series. First, I will have another angle of this channel opening in the next part along with a few pictures of the interior of this passage way. Then the bridge spanning the channel will be shown followed by a few pictures of Little Bass Lake and then our return trip back through the channel en route to Big Bass Lake again.

When my father first took this passage in the 1940’s he said it was filled with poison sumac and he caught it bad. Needless to say he wasn’t “itching” for a return trip anytime soon after that. How easy or how difficult the voyage depends on the amount of rain the lake receives each year.

Join us tomorrow as the voyage begins!

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