My Memories of St Ladislaus School


As part of my job at the Salesian Boys Club I had the opportunity to serve as PE Director at St Ladislaus on Reeb Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. I remember Sister Wilma well (the singing nun) who is still there to this day. I also remember Sister Andrew Marie, the principal, and all the wonderful boys and girls that attended that school.

They used the boys club in the winter for their physical education program while in nice weather the school had an outdoors blacktopped are for gym activities. The kids were very well-behaved there and enjoyed PE greatly.

I used to arrive early at the school to hear the kids sing in chapel which waS JUST PURE LOVELY. All in all this was a great school which I understand is no longer so today as it closed down many years ago from being a learning center. Any other thoughts about this school?

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