Fearless Fulk’s Fish Story by James Austin Fulk

That first picture is of me now but here I was in my younger days.  My old pal Dave, and I do mean old, tells of the great fishing in Michigan, but I’m here to tell you that Indiana can hold its own with any state.  Dave used to write about a fictional helicopter that  flew called the Muck and the Mire.  Today that is where I find the worms that can catch me a fish like this!

The secret is to dig for those worms deep in the earth.  My wife Sharon has a nose for that sort of thing.  She can sniff out a good worm from fifty paces.  Well, when I got the ones  I wanted,  baited my hook with the very best of those.  To land this beauty it took me nearly six hours to pull her in.  For a spell I got free tow around the lake as this monster was not going to my frying skillet without a good fight.

But all it took was one worm to do the job not to mention six grueling hours hauling her in.  Even then, she was too big for my boat so I sort of dragged her to shore.  I’m glad Sharon was with me cause she did all the rowing to get me back to dry land.  Then it took her another six hours to clean this thing.  After that she cooked it in about ten skillets.  For some strange reason, though, it only took me several minutes to eat it.  I can’t figure out why it took her so long to do her part when it only took be minutes to digest it?

Maybe I had her row to much?  By the way, she snapped off this great shot of my fish.  Ain’t she a dandy?  No, not my Sharon, the fish! 

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