Backing Up Can Be Pure Hell by Tate

Well, one dark early morning I chose to back my wife’s car out of the garage to get her off to a good start and found out that it was men drivers that sometimes have no survivors.  Fortunately I was able to walk away from this result of a washout.  My wife’s car was not so lucky but then either was I as my new car turned out to be my wife’s new vehicle. 

I’m sure glad that I learned how to ride a bike when I was a kid for that is how I am getting around these days.  Maybe by winter my wife’s car will be repaired for me to drive?  And, from now on, my wife can back up her own car for then it just might be mine!

4 thoughts on “Backing Up Can Be Pure Hell by Tate

  1. Yes, and I have also been researching Ward Hills and will soon come up with some updated info. Maybe in abu a week. I loved uour picture of the hills. Did yuu know that there were seven operatonal slopes at Ward Hills and that five were lighted?


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