The Great Counselor vs Kids ULBC Camp Softball Game

It was time for that great old tradition, the softball game between the counselors and the kids.  Our own pride of the Canadian army, Gordie Payne, was greeted prior to the start of the game by the Canadian National Anthem.  Undaunted he strode to the plate and hit a prestigious deep drive- About ten feet behind home plate for the first out of the game.    He later contributed two singles to the cause thus keeping his honor intact.  I myself hit a long drive that even now has yet to hit he ground. 

The game was called after seven innings due to the ten run rule as the counselors surged past the kids by a score of 22-4.  The Tent Counselors put on quite a show in this game as Gordie and Bob caught several difficult catches during the game.  I made an error when I dropped a fly ball but my hitting made up for my defensive lapses.  Gordie caught two rather difficult flies and later kept them in a bottle back at the tents.  He even conducted a ceremony for his sacrifice flies. 

Gordie was one of the best players overall in te game and was very gracious to the boys following the game handing out autographs to them.  He only charged them a quarter for his signature.  Bob and I stood in awe at his accomplishments during and after the game as we had a true hero back at the tents.  Yes, Gordie, you were most worhy of that national anthem in your name.

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