I just don’t get no respect!  After years of faithful service to my owner, he dumps me here in this graveyard to rot alongside these other relics.  For decades I took him all over Big Bass Lake with his stinking bait fouling up my person.  And, was he grateful enough to patch up a few of my leaks?  No, the cheapstake couldn’t afford that but he could afford worms. 

No wonder I aged so fast what with my creaky oar locks.  A drop of oil or two would have prevented that but that old skinflint owner of mine chose beer over helping out my creaky joints.  Add to that of having his posterior on me continually was more than I could bear.  So what if I gave him a few splinters in his bottom over the years.  Was hat enough to justify him dumping me here to let the worms rot away my frame? 

That guy never even covered me when it rained so that  I nearly drowned when I filled up with water at those times.  What did he think I was?  A cold tub?  He even left me on shore during the winter and then wondered why I began shriveling up!  Froze up was more to the point. 

And do you think I ever got a new paint job?  NOT!  And so I wind up here along with all these other old timers.  If I had the chance I’d like to take out one of my oars and paddle the daylights out of my owner.  I gave him the best years of my life and then he replaces me with that shiny speed boat.  You would have thought that he would have liked the exercise I provided him that he’d have had to pay for at some health club.  Yeah, I heard that some of my contemporaries wind up in those places as rowing machines.  Lucky stiffs!  Instead I wind up being a stiff at this graveyard.  I just don’t get no respect!