A Pontoon Boat With a Mind All Its Own- Oops!

Whoops!  Guys, you have to hold onto the rope that connects to the dock!  On windy days something like this is bound to happen so if that pontoon boat gets away rom you, I hope you have a backup plan?  Like another boat to retrieve your pontoon boat before it goes out on an adventure all its own!  You might also want to consider on how far you plan on stretching yourself.  I don’t see shorts on you guys so I would have to think that the weather is a little sub par and maybe not the best for a swim?

Of course, if that boat does take off on its own, it appears that the wind is blowing toward land and it will be quite easy to get it back.  Of course it would be your luck to have your hot lunch on board but the cold cuts are also good for you. 

If your boat has an automatic pilot it has to be smarter than the guy who let it go without first pulling it toward him.  Maybe that invisible pilot can teach those guys a thing or two?  Maybe a female wave will stop by and show those sailors how to really navigate>  Technically speaking, I think those fellows have had enough of waves already to last them a lifetime.

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