Neon Sign Advertising by Little Buck

Whoa there, Bambi, you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. Human talk, you know, cause if you stay around them long enough you’re gonna pick up their lingo.  We might as well be carrying a neon sign tonight.  At least we ought to give those hunters some sort of challenge.

Say, maybe it’ll snow tonight and then we’d fit right in?  But tonight a hunter would have to be blind to miss us.  And, don’t be tail gating me Bambi.  I don’t like to be crowded especially during hunting season.  A fella needs some space to move around in especially if we hear a rifle shot. 

And no salt blocks tonight either.  I know you’re hooked on that stuff but they don’t need no salt block to see us.  Hey, maybe we could roll around in some mud down by the creek?  Or we could paint each other saying, Protected Species List.  Maybe even write out, “Eat at Na-Tah-Ka”.  Nah, cause they might take that literally and then they’ d be having supper with us as their main course!

You know the only logical thing we can do is to pray for snow.  Or that their guns might misfire?  I just hope that Big Buck ain’t out hunting Little Buck tonight.  You know I think that mud idea is the best so let’s set out for that creek and forget that salt block,Bambi, as that would be hazardous to your health tonight believe you me!

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