The Great Scottville Rubber Duckie Race

Rubber Duck DropDuckies Ready To Move OutDuckie Finish Line

Being from the greater Scottville, Michigan, area, I would much rather be known for being the town of the Scottville Clown Band over the town that hosts this race. Granted, this race is great for the kids of the area with the exception of the teenagers.

The race is really big in this area and has even garnered media coverage. I just make sure that I’m not in the way of the camera on those days. Our rubbie ducks are yellow which means they are even immune to Green Lantern’s power ring should he ever make his way to Scottville.

I often wonder how many bets are waged on the winning rubber duckie? Does anyone give odds? Do they allow for catfish interferance? Maybe Ludington would like to take this event for a couple of years? You think?

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