No, Mike, that isn’t a lemon slick coming down the Pere Marquette River but a yellow duckie slick and one that is very slick indeed!  How dare you be so obtuse as to think Ludington should get such a race!  That really ruffles my plastic feathers!  If you want a tip bet on the duckie in the middle of that “slick” as Ora Duckie can really float!

This race puts Scottville on the map and we’ve become even more famous than those jokers that dress as clowns and play band instruments.  Anyone can do that!  But how many rubber duckies do you know that can float down a river with such ease and grace? 

I’m the reigning Duckie and I really strut my stuff with that honor.  In the race almost anything goes to get across that finish line first.  I even hired a carnival guy to take some pot shots at the lead duckies.  KM Duckie thought she was going to win this year but I sure showed her.  Yes, these rubber duckie races can become ruthless in our mad desire to win first prize.

Last year I got featured in Rubber Duckie Review before I was stuffed into some easter egg to be given out to some kids.  Us rubber duckies just don’t get any respect.  Nuff said, Mike?