Is This The New Sheriff Patrol on Big Bass Lake?

Now many of us know that Big Bass Lake is patrolled by the Lake County Sheriff’s office, so why not have an even more effective presence by using this tank over that of a regular speedboat?  It doesn’t have to use real ammo as it could instead utilize a water cannon to knock speeders out of the water.  As they do, a loudspeaker could blurt out, “Tanks for the Memories”.  It could hide just south of Haunted Island just ready for any speeders hurtling down the southward track along Haunted Island. 

Then again, maybe an even more effective vessel could be used over that of a tank?  Maybe this one-

Our shark patrol could actually gobble up offenders much the way the Ludington ferry boats take in cars.  A side service could be an oil change and maybe even clean the offenders windshield? 

Maybe some of you have even better ideas to police the waters of Big Bass Lake?  Let us know by way of a comment. 

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