Flying Saucer Buzzes Big Bass Lake

Someone had informed me that a UFO float was seen at last summer’s Big Bass Lake Boat Parade but I would take it that this is not it! Why would a flying saucer be buzzing Big Bass Lake? Could it be interested in the old Big Bass Lake store? Or the public landing? Maybe someone had too much to drink at Nah-Ta-Ka?

Perhaps they’re trying to hide themselves in the depths of Big Bass Lake? They would be better served to then try the deeper Little Bass Lake. Or maybe someone just had too much chili the night before and thought they saw a UFO?

Now, to be fair, maybe the inhabitants of the saucer just wanted to have some fun in one of the best lakes ever? Can you imagine water skiing behind that UFO? You know what I think? I think this was just someone’s idea of a good dream. Or maybe someone was shooting the pilot of a network television program? I just hope they weren’t taking potshots at the pilot of this UFO. Or has Big Bass Lake finally joined “The Outer Limits”?

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