Was This The Intended Life Raft for The Titanic?

At this time of year, Big Bass Lake does not have icebergs.  In fact, they NEVER do so this is most likely the scenerio for a life raft to be used for this “Titanic” at Big Bass Lake.  It would be a jumping off point for the occupants of this award winning float in the 2011 Boat Parade held on Big Bass Lake.  And, what a jump off point!  Abandon ship to go swimming in th refreshing waters of this lake.

Since it took two pontoon boats to make this float a reality, I’m sure there were enough kids aboard to make full use of that life raft.  So called because they would be having the time of their life on it!  As for what might sink this particular Titanic, well, maybe it might run into the monster of Big Bass Lake?  I wonder who took second place at this year’s boat parade?

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