Hell and Paradise

I’m good friends of Mike and Darlene Reynolds and a good pal of theirs that lives in Indiana recently wrote about how Michian is accurate theologically what with our Hell and Paradise, Michigan,  Paradise is in the Upper Peniusla while Hell resides in the lower portion of our state. Yet as unusual the name’s of those two cities, how about the following gems by way of comparison?

Now, I’m not sure whether the photo on the left is a suburb of the one of the right or vice versa?  In fact, they both are vice as far as I am concerned.  Who would name their towns for those things in the first place?  Can you imagine putting down those two towns on your personal resume?  Well how about this one-

I’m just glad that those three towns are outside my state!  But now that I’ve got the foolish ones out of my system, how about this one?

If you ask me, all these towns have peculiar names so this new revelation doesn’t surprise me a bit! 

Now I could understand “Cut and Paste” although I don’t think I would want to do that either.  Where do town founders come up with these names?  Do they do this on purpose or is it just some form of-

Yes, these town names are peculiar and one big accident.  I’m so glad that I did this post today and now I think I’ll lie down with a wet cloth over my forehead.  Does that sound peculiar to you?

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