How Did Alice Lake Earn Its Name?

With so many lake names around it revolving around loons or fish, just how did Alice Lake get its name? Perhaps it was named after Alice Kramden, wife of Ralph Kramden. Maybe all her tears over the years filled up a lake? Or could it have been name after the Vincinnes Alices? That’s a college team in Indiana. But what men’s basketball team would want to be known as the Alices?

How about Alice in Wonderland? Maybe someone thought that Alice Lake was another Wonderland? Maybe it was named after Ed Hawks dog or cat? Now, I can see names like Big and Little Bass Lake as well as Loon and Bluegill Lakes, but Alice Lake? Of course then there’s Government Lake that is close to Baldwin? Of course that could refer to our government being all wet.

Alice Lake? Hmmm? That’s a puzzeler? Or maybe it was named after the first resident on the lake? Maybe someone in that area will know the answer to this most important question?

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