Interesting Michigan Road Signs

Now here’s a sign that will make your morning commute more enjoyable as it shows that the Michigan Department of Transportation has a sense of humor. Of course, that depends on how far the back up is and on how long it takes you to get up to this sign so that you can read what it has to say. Then your sense of humor may not be so keen!

If you’re traveling out of town and hit this sign it also may not be so great. But then you can later come upon a sign that will give you some relief-

Of course, if you opt to stay here, you may not get to your destination on time! Then again you will have free security as long as you are there as well as free room and board, laundry, and other notable things. Of course, you won’t be free, so you might want to reconsider taking this exit for your lodging needs. Then again, your next road sign may make you think twice about that decision.

Zombies! It must be Halloween that you’re traveling on! So far on this road trip you’ve experienced road delays, bad exits, and now zombies!   These people must live in Hell, Michigan.  Or maybe even in nearby Battle Creek, Michigan, which use to be filled with some frosted flake cereal killers.  I had heard that Capt. Crunch had been murdered and Quaker oats was a prime suspect.  General Mills was conducting the investigation.  But, then, if you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, this next road sign may get you to thinking.

Actually, all that’s done is to make me hungry so I had better find a place to dine and stay the night. I just wonder what kind of weird road signs I’ll find on my way tomorrow? I wonder if I could pry that fork loose somehow? 

You know, maybe Paul Bunyan misplaced his fork?  I wonder if there might be a reward out in regard to that?

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