Was This Ed Hawks First Car at the Big Bass Lake Store?

Ed Hawks sent me this photograph of the Big Bass Lake store in its infancy and it made me wonder if the old jalopy out in front was his first car? It also brought to remembrance a time when Jack Kynsz owned that store and a potential customer was complaining as to why bait cost anything at all.  He maintained that worms were loaded with protein. 

Well, Jack looked at him intently and said he could have all the bait he wanted if he ate one of those little protein filled critters.  Without batting an eye, the customer picked up one of those worms and downed it without hesitation.  Needless to say, that fellow received free bait that day. 

I also recall about that store when Otto Bartlett ran it and I can remember him selling Big Bass Lake black and white postcards.  I always thought that was a good idea.  I wonder how many of those are still around today?  He even sold comic books in those days.  As for that potential car of Ed’s, if that was his car, I can tell you one thing for sure.  He got a good bargain on gasoline that day.  And, that without him having to even down one worm!

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